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Survive a Job You Hate With These 7 Tips

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

You begrudgingly drag your carcass out of bed to face yet another day in the bowels of hell: the office. You near the entrance of the building and your intestines instinctively twist into impossible knots. You say a silent prayer, “Please God, don’t let this be the day that I sock my manager in the face like I’ve fantasized doing everyday this month. Amen.” It’s clear that your job is no longer for you but circumstances won’t allow you to quit quite just yet. In the meantime you’ve tried “thinking positive” and “looking for the silver lining” like all those helpful blogs advise. But what you really need are tangible ways to manage your daily frustrations and prevent a ratchet moment. Fortunately (or unfortunately), many others have already suffered before you so that you may benefit from their wealth of knowledge. Here’s what they recommend to help you survive a job you hate.

1. Have an exit plan with definitive timeframes

If you do nothing else, do this one thing. Whether you plan to completely shift careers or make a simple switch to a different department, having an exit plan with defined milestones and timelines will tremendously help you remember that your current situation is only temporary. Equally important, an exit plan will help you regain a sense of control over your career...

Excerpt from post originally published on Madame Noire.

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